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A New Way to Manage Courier Services

With ShipManager™ from Urban Dispatch, you can outsource all of your courier and messenger requirements. Around the block or around the world. Same day or overnight. Reduce your overhead costs, improve your operating efficiency, while improving quality of service.

Case Study

Save the Firm Money

BurnBD&P Logoet, Duckworth & Palmer saved over
$95,000 per year by switching to ShipManager™. BD&P is now able to recoup all its client courier expenses and their legal assistants have gained in productivity by using ShipManager™, a browser-based tool that allows them to order and track their shipments online. Read the BD&P Case Study

Save the Firm MoneyEliminate the $2.00-$3.00 in buried costs spent for every $1.00 spent on courier services.

  • lower total cost
  • more efficient operations
  • recoup previously unbillable disbursements