ShipManager™ Simplifies and Saves.

ShipManager is an end-to-end solution for managing all your deliveries: local same-day to international overnight.

Administrative assistants access ShipManager from their browser to order deliveries, track shipments and update addresses. There’s no software to install and the training is a snap. You can be up and running within minutes.

Best CarrierThe Best Carrier for Each Delivery

When you use ShipManager, we match the right courier from our network to each package based on its destination, dimensions, and urgency.

We use the proprietary ShipManager technology to manage our network of local bike, car and truck couriers as well as national and international carriers. The result is a higher quality of service with much less effort for our customers.

All You Would Expect and More

ShipManager will manage all your deliveries.We provide four levels of service for local trips: Regular, Rush, Direct and Critical (point-to-point). And, in some centres, a super-affordable next-day downtown service is available for those packages that are not as time-sensitive.

All you would expec tPlus, we ship deliveries to anywhere in the world overnight. In addition to the standard service levels you’ve come to expect, we offer you more flexibility with options like late cut-offs and after-hours emergency service.

Our customers know us for more than that. We recognize that every business has its own challenges and to really drive the efficiency that will save you money, we need to tailor specific elements of the service for you. These might include: scheduled time calls, extended pick-up times, or other customizations to your ShipManager service that match the needs of your business.