Service Commitment

Service Without Compromise.

Efficiency gains are moot if you can not rely upon the package getting where it needs to be when it needs to be there. We know this and have built the ShipManager™ service around service standards that are second to none.

By using ShipManager, you are assured of the most reliable service available. We meet and exceed the best standards in the industry.

Urban Dispatch makes that commitment and stands behind it.

Measurable Performance.

We track our on-time performance as a measurement of how well we are serving our client base. On this we will be ultimately judged by our customers. Further, we invite comparison with the rest of the industry and so we publish our performance here every quarter.

Our on-time delivery performance for Q3 2007 was 99.7%.

We are proud of our on-time performance but are constantly improving it to serve our client base better. Our standards are the highest in the industry.

Guaranteed On Time or It’s Free.

How do you know we are serious about meeting standards of service? We stand behind our time commitment. If your shipment doesn’t arrive on time, we will not charge you for the delivery. It’s that simple.

There’s no complicated formula where you pay for a lower grade of service when our service commitment isn’t met. You don’t have to provide proof that we didn’t live up to our promise.

No charge. No questions asked.

Personal Treatment.

We respect and treasure the business we win. We want you to see it in the way we treat you while you're signing up and throughout your patronage.

Each ShipManager customer has a solution tailored for their specific business requirements. Every one is different; every one is treated as such. From time calls to unique services, we make sure that your service suits your needs.

Once on board, ShipManager clients are assigned a customer service representative whom they can call anytime with questions on how to use the system, additional help tracking a package, concerns or indeed anything they wish. They get to know you and your business.

We not only want to save you money, we want you to enjoy the best service available at the same time.